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I guess I shall be the first to rant

Oki, well here goes *deep breath*

My love life, or lack there of, sucks.

All around me I have people who are going out with some random guy or whatever, or have about ten people who like them, or who like the guy that you like.

First thing is, I will admit, I am Emma, I am almost fifteen, I have never had a boyfriend, and I have never kissed anyone.

I am a lozair with a capital L.

Also, I have basically 4 guys that hang with our group right?

Theres Jono -I hate him so much that every time I see him I want to strangle him. He is the most annoying brat in the world! He just follows us around, we dont even like him!

Then theres Matt - Very much like Jono, though he sniffs his hands after running them through his hair or has stuck them in his mouth, and he wont go away. He too wont go away! Ugh, he is just, ICK!

Of course there is David, who is semi cute and more of a puppy. But I tolerate him, and like him, as a friend, but I think he likes Riles.

Finally, there is Aaron. He is cute in a...weird way. And is tall which is a plus cause Im tall, BUT. Beth is so head over heels for him that well, shes just head over heels for him.

So that sucks. But they are just there.

There is Ray, who isnt really in our circle, but still our friend...and I really like him. And so does Hailey, and so does this girl I hate. And he really likes the girl I hate, but the girl I hate doesnt like him and she is just using him. Which really sucks.

The three guys that I havent exactly gotten over the crushes I have had for Brad, Blair, and Crispin, up and went to the Catholic School.

My love life sucks.

And the point is. None of any of the people I have liked/Loved have ever liked/loved me back...

Do people just hate me? Am I just unloveable?

Why dont guys like me?
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