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I know this isn't a very Lozair-ish post, but as I have been neglecting our WONDERFUL community for so long, I decided that I must post here with my sense of accomplishment.

I have spent the last few days cleaning my room, and for those of you who have a VERY messy room or have seen my room will know that this is an amazing feat in itself.

I picked up SO much crap and moved my bed around so that the head is by the window. Its so beautiful. I wish I had a digital camera so I could upload a piccie of it cause it is indeed, ever so wonderful. The room is so gorgeous! I moved my bookshelf to the corner and took out the smaller bookshelf and now the room seems to much bigger!

I love it!


I just remember a rant worthy thing that happened today.

I think I've mentioned in my main journal that I was planning a surprise party with two of my friends for our friend Riley.

Anyway, since that fell through cause she wasn't going to be here, I had to call everyone to tell them that it was cancelled. I asked Dina to call Alice for me. And she said yes.

And guess who showed up today at 1:30?

Yep, Alice.

It was ok I guess, we went to see Legally Blonde Two, Red White and Blonde. It was pretty good! I liked it.

Anyway, I called Dina about it and she says that I cant blame her cause she didnt call Alice cause she "didnt have her phone number".

Here's the kicker, even if she didnt have her number, Alice is like a 5 minute walk away from where Dina lives!!!!!!!!


But anyway. I spent the afternoon with her, it was kinda fun. I mean, we're friends so it was great. Anyhoo. That's my Lozair addition for tonight. *smile*

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